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A better title would be Why have I left journalism for PR. But this title is too long and I like being precise. Ok, you might be asking yourself „why do I care”? Since you are here and you read this…well, this is the answer! Maybe, this way you will get to know me better, which is exactly what I want.

When I decided to leave, a lot of colleagues and friend warned me that I’m practically signinig my death sentence. Even my future husband did not understand my “move” and guaranteed that I would go back, because “it’s in my blood”. I guess he believed that, being convinced that I loved too much my job, which I have literally dedicated 6 years of my life. Actually, the first thing I told him about me was that I wanted to work in television. But things change…life changes one.

At first, when I made this change, I had doubts. I left Television tired and dissapointed of my life at that point. Not because being a journalist, had no more sense for me.

I still believe that not everybody can be a journalist. Only the ones passionate, permanently curious and somehow authentic – I admire them all. Most people don’t know how much work, stress…and how many major compromises this job involves; from may points of view.

And yet, something had driven me to go another way… It wasn’t easy but I felt somehow immediately released. I felt that I was myself again, full of life in my new job. First of all, because of all the spare time I gained.

I went working in the public sector, thing which in the past would have made me say: „Me? Never!”. There, I discovered great people who believed in me and with whom I formed an extraodinary team, despite the lame attemps of of some who tried to convice me of the contrary. And, maybe the most important thing, there was the place where I discovered what it involves being the person in the shadow, who helps, supports, creates and strengthens…and realized I really loved all that was involved.

Actually, there was the place where my appettite for communication craved and decided to follow this career. And, since my all time dream was to be my own boss, to be totally responsible for the final result, I started building my dream. Now, one year later, I can officially say that I am on the right way. My way, my colleagues’ way and my partners’ way.

No, I don’t sell clothes, shoes, beauty offers, concert tickets or others. But I know how to promote them, to value them, to really contribute at building someone’s dream to have a profitable business.

The results I obtained untill now testify this and are the best proof, even for me, that I have no reason to go back at working in television or do anything else.

Especially that I’m doing exactly „what my heart tells me to”.

So, my dears, I am not „dead”, I’m stronger and never been better. And I’m here for you. Always.

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Mihaela Raluca Tudor
Sunt antreprenor, PR și strateg în branding personal. Ajut alți antreprenori, manageri și specialiști să devină mai puternici, mai influenți și mai credibili.
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