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My father asked me one day: „Honey, what’s your job now?”. My answer: „Daddy, I work as a PR now, I’ve already told you”. Dad: „Ok, I understand…And what does this involve exactly?”

That was the moment when I realised that there are a lot of people who don’t know what a PR does. And, no, it;s not their fault. If the PRs didn’t manage to explain this to everybody, it’s definitely not the people’s fault.

The client: „Please make me a proposal regarding how I should decorate this room.”

My answer: „Sure, I’d be more than glad to help, but this will be my personal suggestions. I’m not a professional in this field.” The client: „How come?…” Me: „Well, I haven’t taken any design course…” The client: „Well, my former PR helped me mostly with this”

My God! We really have a problem…

How many PR Specialists have been in this situation? Certainly a lot. I know that romanians are good at everything…or at least that’s what they say. But can you really be that good? There are lots of impostors working in this field, that do anything else but the job duties of a PR Specialist. It’s somehow trendy to be a PR. And this creates problems for the ones who do know how to do their job properly.

So, let begin. PR = Public Relations. Not to be understood relatons for the public, which involves answering the phone and answering people’s questions. Please, don’t missunderstand me! I’m not trying to explain in a way that could underestimate your intelligence. I just want to make myself understood. So that we won’t be confronted with the situation from the romanian joke below:

Bula, what does the country represent for you?

– I don’t know, sergent!
– You’re stupid, Bula!!!
– Ion, what does the country represent for you?
– For me, the country is like my mother!
– Very well said, Ion!
– Bula, what does the country represent for you?
– The country is Ion’s mother!
– No, it’s not, Bula! The country is also your mother! What have you understood from this, Bula???
– That I’m Ion’s step brother.

Actually, a PR knows how to build a relationship between a product, a company and thei target.

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