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Toman Diet Romania

Toman Diet Romania is a company that has built a slimming and nutrition program that brings not only a customized diet, but also the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Although it is a big hit in its country of origin, Hungary, the brand was completely unknown in our country. Our communication campaign has enjoyed tremendous success, due in particular to over 130 media appearances, on TV, in print and the most important on online publications, all made with a modest budget and without buying advertising.


In a world where one of the worst public health issues of the 21st century is obesity, it is natural to increase interest in the measures that can be taken in order to prevent it. At the same time, “miracle diets” are becoming more and more popular, many of those having weight problems trying to solve them in record time, while not understanding that the solution is not a punctual regime, but a change in lifestyle. Mistrust is also a great challenge, because repeated failures in the matter of slimming affect all those who address nutrition programs to the public.


1. The main target audience

Consists of women and men aged 25 to 58, with over-average income, eager to return to normal weight and, above all, to learn and undertake a healthy lifestyle based on quality food, nutrition and vitamins.

2. The secondary target audience

Covers a wide area of interest, starting from gyms to massage and beauty salons, as well as beauty clinics.


The Toman Diet Nutrition Program is a specialized program tailored to each body, which takes into account the fact that each individual has a unique personal matrix. Patients receive monitoring and adjustment as needed, plus 24-hour support, so that when the temptation to surrender to culinary temptations or any perplexity occurs, they get the right answer.

Starting from this information, but also from the lack of food education among Romanians, we have built our communication strategy in two directions:

We have created useful news to help the public; we presented essential information, based on medical studies. We focused on articles and TV news that would not aggressively publicize through excessive advertising and would include exciting topics so as to cover the most diverse media channels with the best audience. We have used nutritionists from Toman Diet Romania to convey the importance of a healthy diet, the food rules for a body that works properly, and the dangers that excess fat brings.

We have turned to influencer marketing, a concept that fits perfectly for a product that has to convince through the results it offers. We have identified and created a generous list of influencers that obviously needed a customized nutrition program, then followed a rigorous selection in order to determine who is the person who can best represent the company. It was not enough for the person to need to lose weight, we had to select a credible person, with a generous and active community that would fit the purpose of the campaign, a serious and determined person who understands that you cannot lose weight overnight, and that it takes to radically change diet in order to make things work and then to have lasting results.

Influencer marketing

That’s how we got to Răzvan Popescu, one of the most famous radio people in Romania. We presented him the Toman nutrition program, the products and how they work, and after receiving all the information, he agreed to represent the brand for a period of 6 months. The results came very soon. The more kilos he lost, the more people wanted to know more about the program, and they became, also, customers.

At the same time, we have focused on developing online communities, so that Social Media accounts and the nutrition program group become a source of information for those interested in a healthy lifestyle, not just to lose weight. We particularly focused on real and important nutrition information and less on advertising posts, so people can feel a gain from choosing to join this community.

In January 2018, the Facebook page had 1,663 likes and a low engagement. One year later, in January 2019, the page had 4,397 likes and a much more active and involved community, most of the results being organic.

Toman Diet Romania


The strategic communication throughout the year of collaboration was aimed at both generalist and economic press, when the information provided by the company justified news in this category. We have tracked the positioning of the company as one that sells quality products, which has realized that any successful business is based on investment, quality products, and seriousness. Important publications such as Adevărul, Wall Street, One.ro, Click, Avantaje, Femeia, Sanatate.BZI, Slab sau Gras, and a few other dozens, took over materials about Toman Diet and the protein diet that the company built, thus consolidating its positioning on the market.

Wall Street
Sanatazi BZI

Toman nutritionists had appearances on the most important TV posts such as Antena 1, Antena 3, Kanal D, Prima TV, TVR, Digi 24, speaking to the public about the importance and rules of healthy nutrition, thus proving the professionalism of the company’s representatives and increasing the level of confidence in it.

Balcaniada la Kanal D
Balcaniada la TVR

Răzvan Popescu, the well-known radio producer who accepted to become the image of Toman Diet in Romania, was the one who consistently and undoubtedly proved the effects of the nutrition program. Starting with his own Social Media accounts (Facebook and Instagram) and continuing with appearances on television and in print and online: Antena 1, Antena 3, Antena Stars, Tv Happy, Ciao.ro, Cancan, Click, Libertatea, Spy News, Evz Monden and many more, the effects of the diet have been proved and mobilized the public to take action. The company’s means of communication were flooded by customers who wanted to start the nutrition program.

Balcaniada pe Antena Stars

The results of the communication strategy were due, on the one hand, to the honest approach and, on the other hand, to the excellent collaboration with the company’s representatives, which helped us bring forward topics of interest to the public and customers’ testimonials.

Your business can have an equally impressive climb too, if you know what and how to communicate.

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