Gallop with over 100 media appearances for equitation

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The “Renaissance of the noble sport” campaign was realized with a huge media coverage, with over 100 free appearances on TV, online, radio and print, in almost six months. The strategy was to transform the actions included in the campaign in topics of interest for journalists and public opinion. The budget allocated was only a few thousand euros. The Romanian Equestrian Federation has saved in this way more than 1 million euros, the amount (rate card) that covers the 100 appearances.

The highlight of this campaign was The Balkan Equestrian Championship, the most important sports event held in Romania in 2016.

As a strategic objective, we intended together with REF to bring again to the foreground equitation, a sport with historical tradition for our country. To achieve our goal, we have established two main communication goals: to increase equitation’s notoriety and to increase the community of equestrian enthusiasts and horse lovers.

Before drawing the campaign, we identified targeted audiences, channels and tactics in order to fulfill our objectives.


We thought the promotional campaign in two steps: pre-event promotion and during the Balkan Equestrian Championship 2016. First step was focused on teasing actions, concluding media partnerships and the official launch of the project. In the second we used storytelling, media live coverage and the good results obtained by the Romanian athletes.

1.  Teasing

The promotion campaign was launched on March 8, for Women’s Day, with an event where riders offered flowers to the ladies in Herastrau Park, Bucharest.

  • Objective

    To create a launch event with newsworthiness in order to bring the noble sport in the public’s eye.

  • Tactic

    WOW event, in which riders from REF shared flowers to the ladies in the park.

  • Result

    The event was attended by journalists from 6 national TV stations and the subject became the opening for TV news bulletins.

Balcaniada la ProTV
Balcaniada la Antena 1
Balcaniada la TVR
Balcaniada la Realitate TV
Balcaniada la Romania TV
Balcaniada la Kanal D

2. Media partnerships


Massive promotion of competition in TV Media, online and print.


We made a promotional spot, which was broadcast 88 times in prime time on Antena 3, the most watched news TV channel, one month before the event; identifying the most appropriate media partners to achieve the objectives of promotion.


We made media partnerships with: 4 televisions, 1 news agency, 1 daily sports publication, 1 English daily publication, and 2 travel and lifestyle publications.

Media partners:

  • National Geographic: models, banners, news
  • Antena 3: TV spots and news
  • Digi Sport: live broadcasts
  • Realitatea TV: reports
  • B1 TV: news
  • models and articles
  • Gratuitor: models, banners, articles
  • Femeia: models
  • Nine O’Clock: articles in English
  • Agerpres: publishing all press releases

3. The official launch of the project

  • Objective

    Media promotion for the competition “Balkan Equestrian Championship” to attract more participants.

  • Tactic

    WOW Concept Event - horse parade on live violin chords in Carol Park, Bucharest. Event Concept – most awarded horses, multiple international champions, Balkan and national marched into Carol Park in Bucharest on violin chords.

  • Result

    The event was attended by five televisions: the subject was included in newscasts - PRO TV, Antena 1 (live), DIGI 24 (live), TVR, Realitatea TV (live), Prima TV. The press release announcing the event had 23 takeovers, and the one post event had 31 takeovers.

Competition – The Balkan Equestrian Championship

Almost 10,000 spectators present in the stands, the absolute record of participants, the event streamed live over two days and all the televisions attending the competition are achievements of the PR campaign.

We obtained these results through:

A. Influencers

  • We invited many public figures at the launch of the event, which promoted the competition on their social networks, and their mere presence was news subject.
  • To attract a large number of spectators we partnered with Chef Catalin Scarlatescu, who prepared the dishes.


To attract a large number of spectators and create a pleasant atmosphere through an exceptional dining experience.


Press release, posts on Facebook personal page of Catalin Scarlatescu through which he announced his presence at the event, Facebook campaign #BalcaniadaDeEchitaţie.


The topic “Scarlatescu at the Balkan Equitation Competition” generated 5 media appearances: Antena Stars,, Agerpres,, Curierul Naţional.

Balcaniada pe Antena Stars
Balcaniada pe
Balcaniada pe Agerpress
Balcaniada pe Antena Stars
Balcaniada pe Curierul National

B. Massive media exposure through storytelling


Confirmation of the proposed positioning: Balkan Equestrian Championship, the most important international sport event held in Romania in 2016.


  • We communicated daily riders’ results to the press.
  • Videos were made during trainings about riders results’ and competition.

We offered journalists news about:

  • The value of the horses (over 50 million euros, more than the total value of Romanian 1st League football players);
  • Star-horses;
  • Riders’ stories.


37 media appearances on Antena 3, Digi 24 – Jurnal pentru copii, Realitatea TV, PRO TV – Vorbeste Lumea, Prima TV – Focus, Antena 1 – Observator  Special, – 2 pieces etc.)

0 hours
of live broadcast
online appearances
media appearances
0 milion euros
saved budget by REF


1. Over 100 media appearances

2. Around 10.000 people attended the event

It is an absolute record for an equestrian competition, where the number of registered participants until that time did not exceeded several hundred people. The public atmosphere was fantastic and the riders were impressed by such a great presence in the stands. Usually, in sports, they say that the public has a decisive role in obtaining results.

The riders that represented Romania won 7 medals. Among them, team gold medals, seniors, unrivaled performance in the last 25 years.

3. Riders invited and awarded by the chamber of deputies

The medalist riders’ merits have been recognized in a formal ceremony held at the Chamber of Deputies. The event was attended by 2 televisions: Realitatea TV and Antena 3.

A press release was issued that had 8 takeovers: Agerpres, Gratuitor, etc.

4. Foreign officials praised the Balkan equitation competition

The President of the Balkan Countries Federations, Kroum Rachkov, addressed a letter to Romanian Equestrian Federation to express his admiration regarding the event.

5. The campaign was nominated at PR award

The project was shortlisted in the category Sports & Entertainment, the Romanian PR Awards, the most prestigious competition for PR agencies in Romania.

With an event concept of strategic thinking to generate media impact topics and with over 100 free media appearances in just six months, the noble sport is currently enjoying the free space in TV broadcasts, print and online publications. Journalists understand how much this sport can offer and want to bring to public attention beautiful equestrian events and stories. For two years, we are happy to offer constant equestrian news to journalists.

Romanian PR Awards
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