From a musical event to a cultural and social phenomenon

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The cultural project “Parsifal at the Athenaeum” generated 1,154 Media and Social Media appearances (over 300 on radio, TV, print and online), with over  5,309,159 people as target audience and about 1,198,489 euros rate card.

The opera event “Parsifal at the Atheneum” was all over the news between 5 – 8th October.

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Richard Wagner’s opera is part of world cultural heritage and of cultural field of the countries with important theatrical and musical tradition.

In Romania of 2016, the Wagnerian tradition was very sporadic and less developed. Among the Wagner’s Operas, “Parsifal” has a very modest presence in Romania; it was played only 5 times in the last century: by George Enescu – Act III (1915), by George Georgescu – the entire opera (1932), Act II in concert at Radio (1972), the entire opera at “George Enescu” International Festival (1998), by Christian Badea – Act III at the Athenaeum (2015).


Cultural communication campaign to a very small niche. For this to succeed, we needed a strong concept and a strategic communication.

Original concept

We promoted the project “Parsifal at the Athenaeum” as “the most important cultural musical event of the year” and in the end we created a real cultural and social phenomenon. This happened thanks to: high standards of the performance and the quality of the communication campaign.


Parsifal at the Athenaeum, the most important cultural-musical event of the year in Romania.

Main objective

To transform an opera performance in a social-cultural phenomenon.

Secondary objective

To promote Wagner’s music in Romania.

The message from Romanian President

President Klaus Johannis wrote a very powerful message on his Facebook page.

“I was extremely impressed to meet tonight, at „Parsifal” opera performance,  at the Romanian Athenaeum, a young and enthusiastic audience that filled the hall. It was a special performance made by Christian Badea and his special team, whom I congratulated for their extraordinary performance. I am glad that the young  generation appreciates high quality culture when they see it and I wish this performances to continue to be well received.”


The promotion campaign had as target three categories of audience:


People passionate by Richard Wagner’s music, Romanians and foreigners.

Educated people

Educated people, Romanians and foreigners, who, in general,  are interested to participate to high artistic quality opera.


Young people (students), familiar with Wagner’s myths through books and films such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc.


The visual identity of the project had two directions: Logo and the image of the Opera – Natalia, a little ballerina from “Floria Capsali”, Choreography High School

Press conferences

Press releases (in EN and RO)

Interviews with conductor Christian Badea

Social Media – We created a Facebook page Parsifal at the Athenaeum, a group Bad Boy Wagner and an event-page “Parsifal at the Athenaeum – dedicated to young generation.

Media products. We made several media products to promote the project “Parsifal at the Athenaeum”: rollups, press kits, press layouts, notebooks etc. With a small promotional budget, we focused on communication through Media and Social Media, giving up outdoor campaigns.

Banners in online and print


The sponsors and partners had a very good visibility. They received media appearances worth 30,000 euros.

Main partner

Partener principal Parsifal: KazMunaiGaz International - Rompetrol


Partener Parsifal: Filarmonica George Enescu
Partener Parsifal: Institutul Cultural Român
Partener Parsifal: ARCUB


Sponsor Parsifal: Mastercard
Sponsor Parsifal: Würth
Sponsor Parsifal: Eximbank
Sponsor Parsifal: Banca Transilvania
Sponsor Parsifal: Deutsche Bank
Sponsor Parsifal: Noventis


Sponsor Parsifal: Five's International

Legal advisor

Sponsor Parsifal: Badea Clifford Chance

PR Partner

PR Partner Parsifal: TUDOR Communication
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The most important musical event of the year:

Gala opening

…for the 2016/17 concerts’ season of the Romanian Athenaeum and the Philharmonic “George Enescu”

Two performances of international artistic level

With Act I of the opera “Parsifal” by Richard Wagner (7th and 8th of October, 2016)

A huge amount of interest from the public

…whom’s demand for tickets has exceeded the capacity of the Athenaeum


We distributed to media four press releases:

  • 1. 1. Launching the project


  • 2. Starting ticket sales


  • 3. Press conference


  • 4. Post-event


The messages and photos sent via press releases received at least 15 takeovers in media each of them. Press releases contained thanks to the sponsors and partners, their names and their logos mentioned.

Press releases


We designed two spiders with our sponsors’ and partners’ logos which illustrated many articles from the media.

The second spider was the event`s official poster. It had a great impact, especially after Romanian President Klaus Iohannis took a picture next to it, alongside the conductor Christian Badea.

Many people from the audience took photos next to it, in the Romanian Atheneum foyer.

Spider with sponsors


The poster was inspired from Christian Badea’s (the conductor) concept, and the image of the young ballerina was on all of the promotional products (scale models and banners from our media partners, the cover of the printed schedule) and on the second spider.

The poster was displayed on the exterior building of the Romanian Atheneum and the plasmas around the foyer.


A product of a great quality, like an art album, with premium content and looks, done with exceptional printing means. A product similar to those form the world’s greatest shows.

64 pages with articles written by prestigious authors, including the conductor Christian Badea, on Parsifal, Richard Wagner, photographs etc.

The notebook, a collector’s item which was given to all guests and to the orchestra, choir, the pupils from the „Floria Capsali” High School of Choreography and the ArtMusic School, included scale models of the sponsors and partners.

The first copy was given to the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, who attended the general rehearse.

Collector's item: handbook


We have created a Facebook page, Parsifal la Ateneu” (1000 organic LIKEs).

We have also created a Facebook group, Bad Boy Wagner.

And another Facebook page  dedicated to young generation – Parsifal at the Athenaeum, general rehearsal (reach 43k) – 832 people confirmed their interest for the event (346 announced to participate, 473 were interested).

Parsifal la Ateneu și Bad Boy Wagner pe Facebook


The banner with the sponsors’ and partners’ logos was been published in magazines and banners on partner websites, with a total value of approximately 30,000 euros (average advertising value) (according to MediaTrust).

Sponsors and partners’ logos accompanied all the press and promotion materials (two spiders, four press releases, the official poster of the event and collector’s items as well).

Parsifal Rate card


mass-media and Social Media appearances

The project Parsifal at the Athenaeum, turned in Parsifal phenomenon in Romania, has generated a huge number of media appearances: 1,125 appearances on TV, print, online, social media postings, according to media TRUST.

There were two types of media appearances:

  1. Takeovers of the press releases.
  2. Chronicles, reports and interviews with conductor Christian Badea, who also was invited on prestigious live broadcasts on radio and television.


We published a press release about  all the information regarding tickets’ sale for Parsifal.

There were about 30 media appearances.

Bilete la evenimentul muzical fenomen - Parsifal la Ateneu


The press conference took place at Le Diplomat Hall – Athenee Palace Hilton (September 12th) and generated over 50 media appearances.

Have attended, among others: conductor Christian Badea, German Ambassador, E.S. Hans Werner Lauck – honorary president of the Richard Wagner Society Romania), Andrei Dimitriu, CEO of “George Enescu” Philharmonic, Mihaela Raluca Tudor, managing partner Tudor Communication, singer Eric Halfvarson (Gurnemanz) – via a video message recorded especially for the press conference, vocalist Marius Bolos (Titurel).


The project “Parsifal at the Athenaeum” had also an educational side, through a masterclass for Romanian singers, organised by Christian Badea.

Publications such as Adevarul and  blogers published articles about this event.


  • Event dedicated to young students (16-25 years).
  • World premiere: Klaus Johannis was the first head of state who attended the general rehearsal of an opera concert.
  • Media boom: general rehearsal generated hundreds of appearances in the media and social media.

Christian Badea: “I enjoyed the presence of so  many young people”

“I enjoyed the presence of so many young people. I felt their positive energy. Young people respond to this music because of legends as “Lord of the Rings”, “Games of Thrones,” “Star Wars”, that are already familiar for them and are inspired by Parsifal and Wagner’s myths.”, said the Romanian conductor.


The general rehearsal was to first step of the Parsifal Phenomenon for at least 3 reasons.

World premiere: Klaus Johannis was the first head of state who attended the general rehearsal of an opera concert.
The Athenaeum was full of people with a half an hour before the performance.
General rehearsal generated hundreds of appearances in Media and Social Media.

The result: Between 5 – 8th of October, the show-event Parsifal at the Athenaeum was one of the main media  subjects.

Event. Shows.

The two shows were sold out and generated dozens of media appearances on TV, radio, print and online.

Audience: Philharmonic subscribers, sponsors, businessmen, managers, bankers, Romanian and foreign diplomats, ministers, politicians, people of culture.

Events. Cocktail

After every opera concer  we organized a cocktail at the Athenee Palace, which was attended by guests of sponsors and partners, artists, businessmen, diplomats, politicians.


The public, especially the young public for whom the General Rehearsal was made, was widely interested in the event.

Follow up: the Atheneum was full with a half an hour before the start of the show and hundreds of people were left out. Among them, a group of 20 highschool pupils who were studying Wagner in general and especially Parsifal. For them, not being able to watch a show they had long been dreaming of and had prepared for was a hit. Thus an incident occurred, one that had the potential of becoming a communication crisis which could have brought resentments from a public we really wanted in the hall.

Under these circumstances, together with the conductor Christian Badea, with The Wagner Romanian Society and the management of the “George Enescu” Filarmonica, we found a creative logistic solution and the group of students who didnt find places left for the rehearsal was invited to attend the first show in the Royal Box.

The result: a risky situation was manouvred into a succes story and the start of a beautiful relationship with the group of pupils.


Opera Magazine, perhaps the most prestigious specialized publication in the world, wrote about the event.

Presa internațională despre Parsifal


The foreign publications which published news about the opera event were:

Parsifal in presa de limba straina
Parsifal in presa de limba straina
Parsifal in presa de limba straina
Parsifal in presa de limba straina
Parsifal in presa de limba straina
Parsifal in presa de limba straina

News agencies confirm: “Parsifal at the Atheneum” the most important musical event of the year

“Parsifal at the Athenaeum” was nominated by the Romanian news agencies „the most important musical event of the year”.

Brian May şi Queen, Rihanna şi spectacolul ”Parsifal”, între cele mai importante evenimente muzicale ale anului 2016

„Parsifal”,  „Brian May”, „Queen” and „Rihanna” concerts , among the most important musical events of the year…

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Mari evenimente culturale: UNTOLD, GĂRÂNA, PARSIFAL între Superlativele 2016, în viziunea Mediafax

Big cultural events: UNTOLD, GĂRÂNA, PARSIFAL between the big guns 2016, as Mediafax sees it.

„Parsifal” by Richard Wagner, directed by Christian Badea, was one of the greatest cultural events of the year, alongside Untold Cluj Napoca, Garana Jazz Festival…

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