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A famous brand during the communist era, Pegas disappeared from the market after 1989, just to make a triumphant re-entry in 2012. With a starting investment of 70.000 euro, the entrepreneur Andrei Botescu has bought the trademark and, with an enthusiastic team by his side, has given wings to the old Pegas bikes, never losing the design line that had made them famous, but adding modern elements and enriching the collection with electric bikes.


If during the first year after the re-launch, Pegas only sold 500 bicycles, the constant development has increased this figure over 25.000 units per year and the company’s turnover reached 8.000.000 lei in 2017. Constantly innovating and designing new products (electric bicycles) and transportation services (Ape rider, the first smart bike sharing system in Romania), Pegas has succeeded in keeping its place in the public eye.


The social endeavor for a healthy and active lifestyle is getting stronger and physical exercise finds a proper way in urban life. The pollution in the big cities, mainly caused by the big number of cars draws young people’s attention towards alternative transportation solutions, bicycles being one of them.


1. Main target

People of all ages, educated, with medium and upper income, interested in a healthy lifestyle. Children love biking, adrenaline lovers find at Pegas modern solutions for their off-road passion, elders who don’t want to give up exercise can find dedicated Pegas products, while those who search for alternative means of transportation can always choose an electric bike.

2. Secondary target

Entrepreneurs interested in buying a franchise or companies who want to invest in alternative transportation systems.


Along with the development in the last few years, Pegas aims not just at setting a high standard regarding bicycles and sports equipment production, but also at being part of the evolution of the Romanian society. For every stage in our life, Pegas has an attractive and original proposal when it comes to exercising and cycling.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and addressing to all those who wish to be active, Pegas has constantly invested in research and innovation, keeping up with the technological evolution and adapting to the global realities. In order for these efforts to pay off, the brand chose strategical communication and media promotion in the key moments of its existence.Therefore, launching the franchise and listing the company on Amazon were well reflected in the media, the press releases that spoke about them being shared by a large number of publications.


Franciza PEGAS

The franchise launch was communicated in July 2018, together with the opening of the brand’s seventh store. The press release had 99 online apppearances, one in print (Ziarul Financiar) and one on tv (local station, Neptun TV), the equivalent advertising cost being over 17.900 euro.

Pegas on Amazon


Listing the Pegas bicycles on Amazon was announced one month later, together with the traditional discount campaign on the 23rd of August, generating 130 media appearances online and one in print (Ziarul Financiar), the equivalent advertising cost being over 23.600 euro.

In both cases, the media coverage was both in central and local media, as we intended.


Neptun TV

Economical press

Ziarul Financiar
Startup Cafe
New Money

General press

România Liberă
Amos News

Local press

Radio Romania Constanta
Buna Ziua Brasov
Ziarul de Iasi
Ziar de Cluj

Stages of the successful communication

client briefing regarding the subject for the press release and identifying the best approach in order to attract media attention and to lead to the higher media coverage;

documentation on the agreed subject for the press release;

writing the press release and subjecting it to the client’s approval;

selecting the proper channels for sending the press invitation and/or the press release;

follow up with the journalists in order to identify the way in which the information in the press release was received;

media monitoring to highlight the coverage and the media approach, in order to make future recommendations for the client.


The key moments in the evolution of Pegas as a brand were subjects for press releases with a very high coverage rate, as a result of the proper positioning and media approach.

The strategic communication has aimed both at the general press and at the economic and local one, depending on the subject area. The information that Pegas wished to convey to the public were always structured in such a way that the most important one would stand out.

Opening new stores, as well as discount campaigns, important elements for the sales dynamics, were always accompanied by information regarding Pegas’ innovation policy and development stages.

Therefore, the opening of the seventh Pegas store in Constanța, celebrated with a 200 bicycles march, was accompanied by the information regarding the franchise launch, as a sign of business success, but the press release also included data regarding the bicycle factory in Romania.

Most of the media coverage kept the press release’s approach, speaking about the franchise launch and on the upcoming Romanian factory.

The position Pegas has had as a brand, starting from the communist era was the starting point of an yearly discount campaign on the 23rd of August. The information about this campaign was conveyed through a press release that focused on the company’s listing on Amazon. The news was covered by more than 100 publications, most of them keeping the original structure of the press release.

The huge media coverage as a result of the press releases was the effect of the good collaboration between the client and the agency and of the constant adaptation of the main message to the informational needs of the accessed platforms.

Your business can have an equally impressive climb too, if you know what and how to communicate.

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