Over 160 free media appearences in only 1 and a half years

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Dr. Leahu, 160 media appearances, 6 times increase revenues

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Dr. Leahu – clinici dentare had the most spectacular growth in the dental field, increasing with more than 6 fold turnovers, in just 1 year and a half of collaboration. The communication campaign was successful mainly due to the 160 media appearances on TV and the most important online publications, with a very low budget, without paying huge sums for publicity.

When we met dr. Ionuț Leahu, owner & manager, he had a clinic in Floreasca and rented a cabinet in Nusco Tower, Pipera. He was searching for new ways to promote so more and more patients will find out about his services. We liked each other from the beginning because we share the same values and principles. At the first discussions, we noticed immediately the ambition and his talent to explain medical terms, coupled with the absence of any concerns to step forward.

We started the communication strategy relying on these strengths. And we started something totally different as promotion. Focus on brand journalism. In this case, to create useful news this will respond to people’s concerns, giving them tangible information, based on prevention, broadcasted around the media that has large and diverse audience. We kept our focus on TV, in the news and articles without making an aggressive publicity. We conducted an editorial plan which included topics and the most important media (TV, print, online).

In the meantime we developed online campaigns too, creating environments where we can communicate quickly and efficiently with our target audience. Although, we searched to promote everywhere the press materials: cabinets, site, Facebook, partners, events.

After the first months, the public reactions have been perceived by our client as a good and he started having patients coming from the materials broadcasted around the media. We continued, intensifying our efforts in this direction.

We had to grow awareness and build the image of a friendly patient’s doctor, which offers useful information so that patients will consider prevention as a lifestyle, a doctor that offers a lot without asking something in return.


From 1 clinic to 3 clinics

Victoria Clinic

Floreasca Clinic

Center of Excellence

From 0 to 160 media appearances

media appearances

From a professional dentist, known by everyone, we went to another step in the communication strategy  –  Dr. Ionuț Leahu, Oral Implantology specialist. We had dozens of videos on Antena 1/3, KanalD, Național TV/N 24, Digi 24, Prima TV, TVR 1 and many articles in online media. They have consolidated his position as a specialist in this field.

And because dr. Leahu’s business was growing, he became one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the medical field.

The material which brought him the most important awareness was by far the one made by Moise Guran at Biziday.


This year, together, we launched the Center of Excellence in Oral Implantology. We have had over 30 media appearances in the first week after launch. All without buying publicity.


With more than 160 FREE media appearances in just 1 year and a half, we managed to turn Dr. Ionuț Leahu and its clinics in one of the most visible, credible and successful business in Romania. The way we promoted in media (TV and online publications) was always without being aggressive with the target audience and wanting to sell at any costs. We offered journalist we work with news, in which the accent wason the benefits that patients can obtain. These things led to a professional, visible, credible image which, overtime, result as a significant increase in the number of patients.

ŞYour business can have an impressive ascent if you know how and what to communicate.

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