How to be in prime time at news with a “hard” subject

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For a good PR team, every subject is a challenge. As hard as it may be. The stake is to understand the subject in a short time and identify in it those things that make it interesting for journalists and, implicitly, for the general public (respectively, for the targeted audience). That’s what Tudor Communication does.


In Romania, the concern about the quality of production processes and products is a recent and not very widespread concern. Companies that are aware of the importance of international certifications (a few hundreds) have already begun to enjoy the benefits of obtaining those true “export passports.” However, the information is very difficult to disseminate. Including the very noisy subjects, harder to understand by the general public.

It was the case of the IFS Food Conference, a very technical meeting organized by IFS Management (Germany) and INAQ Consulting (Romania), attended by quality certification specialists and their clients.


The “IFS 2017 Conference” project generated at least 19 media appearances on television, radio, news agencies, the general and economic press, the value of these media appearances being 30,300 euros (rate cards).

Releases of the press release were also made on the sites of Digi24, PrimaTV and TVR and on news aggregator such as Rodailynews, Newslist, etc., still quite well seen by search engines.


Step 0

was a sound documentation on the subject, a “hard one”. Team members have done dozens of papers, brochures, presentations, web pages, videos of other conferences in the field of certification. The documentation included several meetings and discussions with the client. Finally, we identified the best news topics.

Step 0

involved creating an editorial plan based on the communication strategy proposed to the client.

Step 0

was to establish the list of journalists invited to the event, depending on the structure of the readers, viewers, listeners and the target audience agreed with the client.

Step 0

very important, was the media training with the “image” of the event – Mr. Ionuţ Nache, INAQ General Manager.

Step 0

consisted in editing and then distributing the press release and follow up.

Step 0

meant ensuring media management at the event.

Step 0

post-event monitoring and media analysis.

Step 0

was the presentation of the conclusions and recommendations, based on the observations made during the collaboration and the report of the media appearances.


1. Main target audience

  • Owners of medium and large companies;
  • Management of medium and large companies;
  • Certification specialists.

2. Secondary target audience

  • Owners and managers of small companies;
  • Journalists;
  • The general public, consumers who will produce quality products and trust the certifications made by professionals.


The promotional style applied by the Tudor Communication team led to at least 19 media appearances on television, radio, news agencies, economic press and generalist, worth 30,300 euros (rate card).


Balcaniada la Realitate TV


News agencies

General Press

Economic Press


TV articles and reports have had a positive twist on IFS certifications. The general note of the media appearances was an informative one, going on to present the benefits of certification, both for the consumer and for the entrepreneurs whose products are thus “passport for export”.

The general scheme of media appearances (especially those in the print media) followed the structure of the press release.

Televisions have included extensive statements by Ionuţ Nache, INAQ general manager, and IFS-certified companies.

Strategic communication proposed by the Tudor Communication team included relevant media appearances prior to the event (an editorial signed by Ionuţ Nache in a prestigious economic publication, and the presence of INAQ Director General on the online television of another major economic publication).

Your business can have an equally impressive climb too, if you know what and how to communicate.

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