How to generate over 50 articles in 24 hours in publications across the country

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The “Strongest in Romania – Certifying Your Economic Force” campaign has enjoyed huge media coverage. The first stage, held in November, has generated over 50 articles in central, regional and local publications. In total, we recorded over 120 free appearances on TV, online and print in about four months, with a rate card value of more than 200,000 euros.

The strategy was to create topics of interest for journalists and public opinion, starting from the information provided by the client – following discussions about this and transforming it into press releases.

Before making the campaign, we identified target, media channels and tactics in order to achieve our goals.


50 media appearances in central and local press


20 media appearances


20 media appearances


20 media appearances

TOTAL: 120 media appearances in 4 months



As a strategic objective, we aim to promote the values ​​rewarded by Creditinfo România through the Certificate “Strongest in Romania”: profitability and good reputation. We have used Creditinfo data, which grants the “Strongest in Romania” certificate based on verified criteria in many European countries. We then focused on promoting information about 4% of companies registered in Romania, which generates 92% of the Romanian economy’s profit.

In order to help the journalists, we sent dedicated documents based on business environment information from the region, county, or city of interest of each publication across the country.

2. Main objective

  • Increasing the visibility and reputation of the Creditinfo brand.
  • Mentioning the Creditinfo brand along with values ​​such as profitability, good reputation, credibility.
  • Increasing the visibility of “Strongest in Romania” certificate, its credibility.
  • Positioning “Strongest in Romania” concept / product in the must-have area for any serious company in Romania.


  • Personal Branding Aurimas Kacinskas, CEO of Creditinfo Romania.
  • Educational role: Presenting the 4% companies as true business models.


1. Main target

Companies that:

  • Exceeds a turnover of 100.000 lei;
  • Are making profit;
  • Are on the market for at least 2 years;
  • Don’t have debts to the state budget;
  • Have a positive credit history;
  • Have a credit score with low or medium risk;
  • Have a current liquidation bigger than 1.0;
  • Have a return on capital greater than 20%.

2. Secondary target

Companies from the field of:

  • Production
  • Telecommunications
  • Advertising
  • Banks and institutions
  • Financial
  • Accounting/Auditing
  • Leasing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Tobacco
  • IT
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate


Adapting the message depending of the public – each regional / local publication received first of all information about the business environment in their area and secondly general information, countrywide.

Presenting success stories of those who are certified “Strongest in Romania” – how the certificate changed their perspective, positioning on the market, etc.

E-mail marketing campaign through which we showed to Creditinfo clients the massive media exposure enjoyed by the information about the profitable companies in Romania.

Constant communication of Creditinfo studies.

Filming for news material in which Aurimas Kacinskas, CEO of Creditinfo Romania, talks about the company’s studies.


A. Analysis on the local media market for the target audience, select targeted media.
B. Discussions with the client about the topics approached, choosing the most important directions of communication according to the proposed objectives.
C. Data analysis, information received from the client.
D. Transforming statistical data into news.
E. Writing, distribution of press releases, pitch news topics.
F. Follow up.
G. Media appearances report.


CreditInfo Romania media appearances
CreditInfo in MediaFax
CreditInfo in Capital
Wall Street
CreditInfo in PROFIT
CreditInfo in Adevarul
CreditInfo in BURSA
CreditInfo in
CreditInfo in Piata Financiara


The start of the “Strongest in the Media of Romania” campaign generated over 50 appearances in media from Bucharest and across the country in 24 hours. Beyond the impressive rate card (over 70,000 euros), we created a model, which we later replicated in campaigns running over the next three months. In total, during the “Strongest in the Media of Romania”, took place 3 e-mail marketing campaigns and over 120 media appearances worth over 200,000 euros (rate card).

0 campaigns
of email marketing
Over 0 appearances
in central and local press
Over 0 euros
value of media appearances (rate card)
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