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From 1 to 6 shops in 8 months

Christina Diamonds, which brought in Romania SWISS MADE watches at affordable prices, expanded, in just 8 months, from 1 to 6 shops, by following our communication and strategic promotion plan.

We started with an idea, which came in a vacation, and with a budget invested, mostly, in products. Without a business plan, experience or many expectations from our client. Christina Diamonds, the unique importer and distributer of the Danish jewelry brand, Christina Jewelry & Watches, has a concept store in Băneasa Shopping City, an online store and 4 partnerships with the most important retailers in the market: eMAG (with more than 4 million visits per month and a turnover of 260 million euros), Luxury AvenueFashion Victim and Miss Grey.

Primul pas: crearea strategiei de comunicare

The first step was to create a communication strategy

We relied on the strengths of the products, we targeted the audience, we thought of messages for each one of them, we set the right channels of distribution. “The revolution of luxury at affordable price” has synthesized the brand in the only company that offers jewelry and genuine SWISS MADE watches, with real diamonds, unique in the entire world because you can create yours, at affordable prices.

Product strengths have been discovered, analyzed and tested among people. The winners were:

1. Diamonds and gems.

2. Jewelry wore by the Danish royalty and international awards:


The best known SWISS MADE brand in Denmark


The business with the highest increase in a short time


First prize for innovation in Horology


The most credible business in the world

3. Collections of jewelry priced for everybody’s pocket.

The target audience was set and segmented using a marketing analysis. Depending on each typology, relevant posts were created.

We have established the right distribution channels by following an accurate cost-effectiveness-speed ratio because the client’s budget was a minimal one.

First, we analyzed the numbers. The statistics show that in Romania are around 8.000.000 million Internet users. Namely, 1 of 3 Romanians is online. Starting with the large numbers of potential clients, the ease which it can be accessed online and the lower costs of promotion, we created the first promotion campaign. On Facebook, we have built a community where we met the potential clients, we establish a connection with them and we promoted especially the key products.


We always communicated the latest and useful information of the jewelries in 5 daily posts made in audience peaks. We have always responded quickly to audience’s questions and demands. And the Facebook page now has more than 10.000 likes and 450.000 people reached.


In parallel, we worked on an online shop through which millions of users can purchase their favorite jewelry at just a few clicks away. This was the longest, stressful and time-consuming part of the project. But, however, this wasn’t a surprise for us. We have encountered difficulties on managing the relation between our client and IT department. And when we thought it was ready, well, it wasn’t. We saw that an online shop like this requires continuous improvements.

Thus, we created a unified online brand image and a Christina community, which gradually moved from virtual to other shops.

In the communication plan we took care of other types of promotion:

Apariții în media fără să cumpărăm publicitate
Media appearances without buying publicity
Prezența la evenimente în targhet
Going to targeted events
VIP endorseri
VIP endorsers

The way we promoted in media (TV and online publications) was kind of a sneaky ad. We didn’t want to bully the costumer and sell at any cost, but to arouse his interest by creating stories. We always provided journalists news, where the accent was always on the benefits the costumer can get. In just 8 months, Christina Diamonds had around 30 free media appearances.

We’ve been partners in over 10 events, business and celebrities, with product placements, speeches and we responded to concerns of those present.

We have carefully selected some public figures that have identified with our target audience. With their help, we created campaigns,with careful selected themes after a research. An example is “Working MOM” campaign, with the journalist Emma Zeicescu, which was a real success.

Your business can have an impressive ascent if you know how and what to communicate.

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