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Adriana Istrate became the first Romanian female who won a marathon in the Antarctic, after we raised over 15,000 euros, money necessary to fulfill her dream of running into the frozen realm.

Everything happened in only 3 months of collaboration, with over 60 free media appearances, which made her story famous and appreciated.

We met Adriana at an event where we were amazed by her life story. She told us that even though she started to run recently, she wants to conquer all continents participating in marathons and ultra-marathons by the end of the year. In Romania, she had already won some medals, running every time for a noble cause.

Instead, we offered to help her accomplish the first step in her dream – to conquer Antarctica on behalf of children with cancer. Become a voice that encourages others to live healthy and help others.

We’ve built our communication strategy around the incredible story. At 29, Adriana was imprisoned for work and with no social life. She has falt into a depression and her health was degrading every day. Until the day he met Andrei Roșu, Ironman, at an event organized by the bank where she was working day and night. There, suddenly, inspired and eager for the same major change in her life, she thought of re-editing Andrew’s experience, but in the feminine version.

She started running on the stadium at 5 am. The beginning was cumbersome and painful, but he lingered her livelihood. In a few months she enrolled in the first race of her life – a 21-mile trans-marathon, where she won a medal. And many others followed. All in the name of a humanitarian cause with which it empathizes strongly – cancer-sick children, cared for by Hospice.

Motivated by the results and the new state of mind, Adriana has set a very ambitious goal – the Antarctic race. But to get there he needed more than 15,000 euros.


Though working in a corporation and winning well, without help she couldn’t show anyone, including himself, that she can. And we have decided together that it is most likely to be supported if it becomes known by the press. And the strong media campaign has begun. From the way she ran to the desire to go to Antarctica.

First, messages sent to target audiences aimed at raising funds for travel and attendance. I drew the news that presented the ambition, power and determination of Adriana, as well as the reasons that led her to choose this great goal. By promoting them in the media, Social Media, Adriana’s blog, and among those around you, sponsorships began to come from people who believed in her success. Thus, in just three days, we managed to collect together over 2,700 lei.


But there was a long way away. Especially because Antarctica was just the first step in her huge project “777 – 7 marathons and 7 ultramarathons on 7 continents”.

So we talk to journalist about how Adriana is training for the challenge and about her ambitious dream and they named her “the corporate of hope”.

It didn’t last long till the first reactions. The messages, broadcasted in Social Media, had an organic engagement of over 200.000 people. Adriana’s blog quickly reached over 5.000 unique visitors per month.

The 60 media appearances in online media, TV (including LIVE transmissions) and print helped us built a community of supporters for Adriana’s cause.

november – december 2014

From 0 to 64 media appearances

In the way we presented, from different angles, the story of the winner of the “marathon of the hope, we showed everyone that it is credible, that her approach is real and that she has the chance to fulfill her dream.

“Be the change you want around you” was the name of the campaign we initiated for fundraising turned into TV news, print and online news at:

0 euros

Our efforts have led to the money necessary to go to Antarctica. As a result of the promotion, Adriana has decided to support her financially in the 777 project. In just 3 months, Adriana has earned over 15,000 euros (required for competition, flight tickets, special costume and accommodation). And, breahtless, we watched from thousands of kilometers away the evolution of Adriana on the frozen land.

- 0 degrees Celsius

Daytime temperatures of -35 degrees, the wind that prevents you from seeing something ahead and the 128 kms scattered would scare anyone. Many of the contestants even quit during the race. But Adriana has shown that only the mind imposes a limit. He became the first Romanian female to win a marathon, there in the frozen realm.

0 km

Her project and her dream goes on

Adriana has already been involved in marathons and ultra-marathons in South America, Europe and South Africa in recent months, where she has also won medals. We are convinced that soon she will enter the Book of Records. Because she knows no limits to hope. We invite you to follow and support the cause by becoming the change you want to see in the world.

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