The Internet, the 5th power

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Nowadays, people spend more time surfing on the internet than watching TV. I am talking about the ones who have a financial power and can buy. What does this mean? It means that no matter if you want to promote yourself, an idea, your business or just to get some donations, this is the right place to do it. Here, you will find the ones who can become your buyers.

Why choose the internet instead of TV, print or other media?

  1. Because you can communicate directly with your potential buyer. And you have the ability to develop a strong relationship with hime or her every day.
  2. You have all the tools you need to create a specific profile and send targeted messages.
  3. Your message can reach many people if your communication strategy is the right one.
  4. You can provide to the buyer useful information exactly when he or she needs them.
  5. You avoid involving the media. It’s no more a solution sending tones of press releases to the journalists, that are not relevant for them. The journalists are also online, so keep them close. If you post relevant information for them, they will surely contact you.
  6. And the costs are significantly lower than the ones involved in creating an add in other media. And I woud say that the results are much more relevant for all the above reasons.

What you post represents you

Who am I? How do I reach them? What motivates them? What problems do they have and how can I solve them? How do I keep in touch with them? What kind of messages will encourage them to buy? – these are the questions asked by David Meerman Scott, the author of “The new Marketing and PR rules”.

Have you answered these questions? Then you are ready for the next step. Keep in mind: there’s no need to use direct sale. You have to create a relationship with you potential client. Don’t resent him or her by exposing your products too much. Offer him or her important information from your industry, relevant for his day to day life, without mentioning your product. He or she will appreciate and this way you will win their trust and appreciation. Moreover, it will help you improve SEO.

Nowadays, the client is looking for credibility, honesty, promptitude and wants to feel that you care. Make you business more human oriented or help people discover the other face of the public person.

Understanding the buyer’s mentality and creating an efficient communication strategy to reach them are ways to achieving succes.

Good luck!

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