The 8 commandments of branding YOU

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Do you want to be anonymous or special? Think about yourself as a brand and you will discover a new world. Yes, you! Entrepreneur, manager or specialist,come into a parallel universe in which you have full control of your professional ascent.

How do you believe Bill Gates, Oprah or Steve Jobs started? Thinking that „oh, I can’t do this, I don’t want to be known, I’m sure I can’t face it”?!  Of course not. All of them started with a dream, born in school, in an abject poverty or in a garage. Today, Bill Gates says that he has more money than he can spend. Oprah has become the most influent woman in the world and Steve Jobs left us the largest technology company.


Do you think you’re not special? Every one of us has, at least, one talent, one thing we do very well. Probably you’ve already discovered it.

So ask yourself: What makes me different, unique and special? With what can I praise? How do I want people to know me? Why do I want to become famous? Yes, famous, you have understood well.

Be honest with yourself. Think very well about who you are, what are your passions, what are your strengths and weaknesses. Try harder to know yourself better, to define clearly where you want to get so you know from time if there are things you’ll need to change or improve.

Let’s get to work! Today!


Get involved and invest even a minimal budget. If you cannot afford all of that, it’s time to choose another direction.


Think about something you want very much. Add work, perseverance and learn from the ones that have succeeded. Every day you work for accomplishing this goal, it’s a gained day.


As we’ve already discussed earlier, you’re unique and your values shouldn’t be copied or related to others. You have to choose the ones you believe in, respect them and don’t give up, no matter what. Keep always in mind your weaknesses. Weakness decreases the value you offer or puts you in a competitive disadvantage. To avoid this you should make improvements.


…which will help you to fulfill your goal. Define clearly who you are, where you want to get, what you fight for, for whom you work, how you will win, what are the ethical and moral principles you will never give up. Add up media techniques to promote yourself, according to the needs and expectations of your target audience.

5. MAKE A PLAN (with deadlines)

…and stick to it. It will help you not to lose attention when you’re working to reach the goal. If you do something spectacular once and after you stop doing it, people will forget you. That’s the reason why every day you must do simple, but important things, for building your image. So you will demonstrate others you’re trustworthy and competent. You will provide the ones around you safety and gain their respect.


It helps you have documented a short version that transform these attributes into keywords, but also necessary explanations that make yourself better understood by those interested in you.

In this case, an example is Adriana Istrate, the first Romanian woman to run a marathon in Antarctica for helping children with cancer. When people think of her, what they have in mind is ambition, courage and generosity, words found also in her own description.

7. In every appearance or message highlight one thing, the one that puts you in value the most in a given context.

So your message has more chances to be noted and appreciated. An example in this case is the word DIFFERENT, used in a principal campaign message that promised a different politician than the existing ones..


In your personal life and especially when you build a brand, you must stay true. If you promise things you cannot deliver, people will avoid you.

If you made them a promise, but the circumstances prevented you from keeping it, don’t despair! It is important to explain them what happened and what you can do for them in return.

Now you know how to build a personal brand. You have also discovered that your brand it’s a promise of a the value you provide. You also found out how it helped others.

Become a special & famous brand and you will gain:

  • New Business
  • A faster way to close contracts
  • You will find anytime a new job
  • Competitive advantage
  • Fans/future clients

An example (from our activity) of a successful personal brand is dr. Ionut Leahu, that has become, in just one year, the most known dentist in Bucharest. He started with a dream – of really doing dental prevention in Romania – in a small clinic, with a minimum budget and being absolutely unknown. He reached this performance because he had followed all the steps I have presented to you. And today he enjoys credibility, power, influence, a standing proof is the fact he will soon open a third hyper clinic.

No matter what you’re aiming, don’t waist time anymore!

You are THE BRAND!

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Mihaela Raluca Tudor
Sunt antreprenor, PR și strateg în branding personal. Ajut alți antreprenori, manageri și specialiști să devină mai puternici, mai influenți și mai credibili.
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