Crisis Management


  • You won’t lose your good reputation;
  • You will have a strategy that reverses the situation in your favor;
  • You cut your losses.

We are acting quickly in the most convincing manner. With us, every crisis can mean an opportunity that saves your reputation.

We stand out with the following:

Identify risks and opportunities in crisis

Prepare a strategy to turn the crisis into an opportunity

Know how, when, where, why and what to communicate in crisis situation

Our recommendation

Know how, when, where, why and what to communicate in crisis situation

Crisis Communication

Communication crises are one of the most feared situations for a company, because, not properly managed, it can lead to serious financial losses, as well as, especially, to the loss of good reputation, and from here until the crisis of image is only one step.

  • The wisest way of action is to prevent these communication problems, and this can be easily done by working with an ORM agency in Bucharest.
  • Tudor Communication develops for all its clients communication strategies in crisis situations in order to be ready at any moment to turn such issues into an opportunity for promotion.
  • We also professionally manage communication in crisis situations, acting quickly and convincingly to reduce confusion, as well as the risk of misinterpretations from public opinion.
  • With the rapid rise of social networks, online reputation management has become an aspect that any company must consider if it is to achieve long-term success.
  • The management of crisis situations means making use of all the communication channels that a company has, as well as the adaptation of the messages according  to the public profile.
  • Thus, together with Tudor Communication team, managing reputation in crisis situations  is not only a process meant to reduce the negative effects of this problem on the organization, but also an opportunity to reverse the situation in favor of the company and get a re-settlement of the company into the public perception with favorable long-term results.

Practice shows that fast, honest and clear communication with positive and proactive messages is the key to success in managing crisis communication, and Tudor Communication will always prove to be your trusted partner in managing your company’s reputation.

Are you facing a brand or self-image crisis?

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