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Your personal brand as an entrepreneur, specialist or a top manager means power, influence and credibility. Using your image in an intelligent manner will gave you a major competitive advantage. Neglect it and you’ll be outside of the game faster than you will think. Reality is that people will sign contracts, in the first place, with partners that they trust.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is the image that others have when they think of you.

Represents your values, your personality, qualities that make you unique compared to others. Therefore it is very important to stay true, once you’ve created your own brand.

Dan Schawbel, the promoter of modern marketing and advertising

An example about what means a personal brand is Dr. OZ. His TV show is now broadcasted around the world, but a few know how he became famous A few years ago, Oz was diagnosed with colon cancer in an advanced form.  He was healed and he wanted to share with the entire world his secret formula through his blog. Step by step, his blog turned into an online prevention campaign platform which quickly attracted followers worldwide. Then, the offers started pouring. And so, Dr. Oz had become the most credible and influential doctor in the world.

Why should you have a personal brand?

In evolution of personal brand’s concept, the essence focuses on power. The power through which the brand overcomes barriers of time or space, the power around which individuals acquire reputation and image and, in the end, the one that will dominate public’s perceptions and representations (influence).

You have to have a personal brand if you want to generate trust.

People trust people more than companies.

Through aggressive advertising where companies are competing to say they’re the best chaos is created in which people, dazed and bombarded by the messages received, become confused and  don’t know who to trust anymore.

So, more and more people choose the personal brand, not the company’s.

Sustainable success in business is built on personal authenticity and a professional image, which is seeking to inform, not to sell company’s products or services.

Personal brand says who you are, what motives you and with whom you associate.

Personal brand differentiates you from other persons or entrepreneurs, through professional or personal unique value. In this context, the ones who can be recognized as experts in their domain show credibility, they advance quickly in their careers and, not least, enjoy a high degree of confidence in their own powers.

Personal brand means fame and reputation. In general, the reputation contributes to writing your history and it’s seen as what to be said or believed about someone’s character and as a scale for assessing ones place in society.

Personal brand helps you to build relations that involve that kind of trust between two people, with shared value systems. Nobody defines the success except you; you choose how you want it to be, based on your individual aspirations and values.

Personal brand defines you as a team player. A new collaboration or a contractual closure brings you in front of people you will collaborate with for a long time. To be a team player means you can be, at the same time, both her leader and a real support through which his members are encouraged and helped to achieve the desired results.

Personal brand disclose the value you bring to collaboration. It was often claimed that through functional and emotional values and brand management, it is a better understanding of consumer’s behavior.

Personal brand is your voice to send a clear and consistent messageabout you and what you have to offer. A powerful and authentic personal brand can position you as an expert in your niche. In a crowded and a noisy world, personal brand helps you to achieve your career and business goals.


can you afford to ignore personal branding in market’s current conditions?

No, you don’t! Because you’re forced to keep up with the rhythm of change, to complete your image with new achievements, to consolidate your credibility and reputation, so it will decisively contribute to the growth and development of your business.

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