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  • Your business will get to be known through you – the engine;
  • Win the trust of your customers and partners;
  • Media appearances without paying for advertising.

Good stories sell, the best ones are creating brands.

We stand out with the following:

We have case studies that demonstrate the success obtained

We are specialists in brand journalism

You have on your side a team of experienced journalists who know how to transform your story into successful news

Our recommendation

Do not neglect your personal branding in your company communication.
People put their trust in people more than companies.

Branding Personal & Corporate

Any company that wants to increase its notoriety must focus not only on corporate branding, but also on the personal branding of the company’s management. And that’s because people always have more confidence in people than in companies.

  • A strong personal brand is built over time, with perseverance, effort and strategic communication, and Tudor Communication is the ideal partner for developing personal branding strategies that harmoniously complement business branding strategies.
  • Together we will outline your success story, which will promote your business and win the trust of your customers and partners. Thus, the media will write about you without having to pay for advertising, just on the basis of the value of information.
  • One of the most relevant examples of successful personal branding strategies implemented by Tudor Communication is the rapid rise of doctor Ionuț Leahu, the founder of Dr. Leahu clinics. It was the most spectacular growth on the dental market, increasing its turnover nearly 6 times, in about 1 and a half years of collaboration with us.
  • The communication campaign was successful, especially due to the more than 160 media appearances, on TV and in the most important online publications, made with a very low budget, without paying huge amounts for advertising.

Your company can also enjoy such excellent results. All you have to do is choose Tudor Communication as a well trusted corporate and personal branding agency in Bucharest.

Do you want to win your customers’ and partners’ full trust?

Case study

Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics

Over 160 free media appearances in just one and a half years

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