Inadequacy kills!

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Why did the dinosaurs disappeared?

Because of the weather changes and the living conditions, you might say…

X Wrong answer!!!

The real reason is that the frightful Godzilla could not adapt to the new living conditions.

The natural selection has always something to say. The ones who adapt easily, are stronger and survive, the other ones just vanish.

Looking back, we could say that humans adapt relatively easy to any new situation encountered. Different from this situation, we realize that they don’t act the same when it comes to their businesses. People become very rigid when it comes to making any changes. Most of them totally refuse making any and dip themselves in problems. This way, a vicious circle is created, with NO WAY OUT.

Why do you think that a great percentage of new companies disappear within the first 5 years from the market? I’ve heard on and on that this happens due to the economic crisis… But then, why are there still so much money on the market and some companies are growing? The real reason is that those companies are constantly updated to the new market trends and consumer’s demands. Meanwhile some small or big companies don’t know anything about that and maybe don’t bother to find out information about their actual consumer’s profile.

Many company managers ask themselves why they don’t have success, but don’t analyze this. They think it’s the consumer’s fault for not understanding their message/idea. It’s always somebody else’s fault. And they keep on making the same mistakes. We now live in the speed century, where every wrong step can ruin you.

What needs to be done, then? Find a specialist and ask him for help. The information you will find out, will be useful on the long therm. Only then will you have a real chance to success and gaining. Nobody was born a genius. Although Romania is the country of experts – people know everything about anything.

Relatively new for Romanians, a PR specialist is no more a luxury you can’t afford, but a real help for every company. If you invest in PR, you invest in you and your company.

“If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do things you have never done.” – Thomas Jefferson

A correct and well-structured communication helps you get rid of the internal and external problems you confront. Step by stept, you will start gaining visibility in a world where competition is very tighten. You will learn how to communicate straight with you target, knowing the rules of the game and what defines it.

A smart decision is worth more than any investment! Take it when you have to and don’t forget: there’s no better time than right now.

Good luck!

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Mihaela Raluca Tudor
Sunt antreprenor, PR și strateg în branding personal. Ajut alți antreprenori, manageri și specialiști să devină mai puternici, mai influenți și mai credibili.
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