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Everyday, thousands of romanians are looking for a job.

Why do you think an employer would choose you?

The reason they ask for experience when you aply for a job should not discourage you. Reality shows that employers want qualified people, but not all will get them.

Why?  Because the demand is higher than the supply and you can take this as an advantage.

No job, no experience

Nothing could be more wrong. You have multiple possibilities to get the knowledge that will matter for a potential employer.

You can start with internships. As a student or as a young graduate, you can go to a profile company and request for an unpaid internship position, a few hours per week. Go there and learn, get as much as you can from that experience. The internship requires sacrifices, but if you’re willing to think about your future, you must know that everyone of us has started from somewhere and in years of work and sacrifice, climbed the professional ladder.

You can gain experience through volunteering. Any activity from which you acquire communication and personal development skills is added to your specialist value. If you can kindly answer phones, resolve conflicts, be proud to include all these skills you have learned from your previous activities.

Search for entry-level jobs. They are a career springboard. Metaphorically speaking, they’re like a rabbit that suddenly jumps in front of the car on a narrow road and, in just 2 seconds, it has disappeared.

For finding these jobs, you must access constantly recruiting sites, use multiple sources of information and social networks where there have been created job-hunting groups. The bottom line is that nobody will offer you a job, no matter how shiny and big is your college degree. You can make yourself known through ambition, desire to succeed and your tirelessly fight to achieve your goal.

Stay focused on your potential, attitude and dedication, not on experience. You can do this through a letter of intent which, if it’s honestly written, but complete, will certainly be read till the end.

Have faith in your chances to succeed. Show with facts to your potential employer that you want to evolve, you’re not scared of responsibilities and dedication guides you on the road of  professional success.

Show off your potential to become the best in your domain. You can use several tips and tricks like: showing your clear motivation for the domain, the ability to communicate and relate with the team, the ability to learn quickly, to progress, to be loyal etc.

Create your own professional contacts network. Go to conferences on topics related to the field you are applying for, to business events, to trainings and give employers the chance to meet you without knowing you’re a job-hunter.

Prove you want to build your future guided by professionalism and ambition. No matter what method you’ll apply, make sure it is the best one for your wishes, the one that will provide you small achievements but a smooth ride to success.

Good luck!

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