Everything you need to know about a PR campaign

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Every entrepreneur should know about the concepts that underly a successful PR campaign before it starts, in order to satisfy his needs and the established objectives.

The first thing that you have to fix before you start any preparation is strongly connected to the strategic objectives and reffers to the campaign type that you want to carry out:

  • positioning
  • awareness
  • public information
  • attitude changing
  • public education
  • behaviour strenghtening
  • behaviour changing
  • crisis situations
  • image changing or strenghtening

Another really important concept of a PR campaign is the plan. Planning helps you be aware of all the steps that you need to make and answers a series of questions, like: What do I want to obtain? (strategic objectives) When do I want to get them? How do I get them? What efforts should I make? What are the necessary resorces? Which are my obstacles? Who do I address? What message do I deliver? How do I deliver it? So, the plan helps you set all the necessary aspects for a complete and defined campaign. .

How do you actually realize a PR campaign?

It is very important to start from 0, from the point where the campaign doesn’t even exist yet, not from the middle or from the end. It may look like a waste of time to take it step by step but the details are the ones that make the difference in the end.

      • Step 0 is about fixing the strategic objective or objectives of the campaign. This can vary, from brand awareness, to increasing the turnover, to online visibility, increasing the number of consumers etc.


      • Step 1 concentrates on elaborating the campaign ideas: you need to do a detailed analysis of the brand: where is it on the market, needs and wishes, and also its’ advantages and disadvantages; the, you have to do an analysis on the competitors and their applied taxes, that did or did not have success;


      • Step 2 puts the ideas through a validation and testing filter, that will show you their quality thorugh an external perspective.


      • Step 3 develops the ideas and frames them in professional and social context. or this, you have to capture the public, make them interested and determine them to take action in your direction.


      • Step 4 is generally known as being the only one: execution. Now you have to write the pitches, the articles, to get in contact with the media and get things going. The pitch-ul is a brief presentation of the brand or product that you place on the market. The next step is finding the right journalists: if you do not have a data base you will have to do a detailed and niched journalists research and choose the suitable ones. Finally, you only have to create the media list with the publications that you eant to go to and let your brand become known.


      • Step 5 este cea a măsurătorilor, is the measurements one, that may vary depending on the type of the campaign, the distribution channels etc.



    Structuring the PR campaign

    It is done in a logical order, especially now, after you have aquainted all the necessary instruments. So, first you need to establish the strategic objectives, then define the campaign type that you want to do. Next, you have to define the problem you fix through this campaign and keep it in the eye of the public all along the project. In the next step you need to set your audience: it is very important to know the profile of your ideal consumer or to make one that responds the following questions: How old is he? What does he do? What are his needs, passions and wishes? What places does he go and where on social media can you find him? What does he read? you also need to make a market analysis buiding the actual action strategy, after which comes the creative part: establishing or creating the messages and propotion elements, depending on what you aim. Finally, pick the KPIs that are relevant for your methods and analyse the results.

    In conclusion, drafting a detailed plan is absolutely necessary for a PR campaign. Moreover, put your public first. The ideas should be put through an external thinking filter to establish the relevance. Tudor Communication comes to your aid with both valuable ideas and personalised plans. Contact us to reach the success together!

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