Dr. Ionuț Leahu, a dentist with the DNA of a businessman

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In a single year, he became the most famous dentist in Romania. And the business he runs now, Dr. Leahu – Dental Clinics, has turned into the strongest brand in dental prevention. How was that possible? An integrated PR campaign, with more than 80 strategic appearances in major media, but only one mattered the most for him.

“I started with a dream. I had work and still working hard for it. I want to give the same dental quality treatments at affordable prices for any person. I believe in Romanian dentistry and I want others to see it as a value that deserves to be promoted even abroad. All this has led to the fulfillment of another dream: Moise tells my story.” – dr. Ionuț Leahu.

See it now:

Dr. Ionuț Leahu - Clubul celor care muncesc în Romania

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