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As an employee, you have so many reasons to hate your boss: he comes whenever he wants, gives orders to his subordinates, makes you work overtime and punishes you for a mistake, even if it’s insignificant.

So, if you want to be in his shoes, well, think again! Successful management is a challenge, regardless of age or experience, especially if you form a new team.

Looking from the window, you wouldn’t say it’s that difficult being a boss…. It is! It’s the most challenging job you could have ever wished. You take the responsibility of coordinating the employee team, you need courage in decision making, personal and communication skills etc.

How to get to your team’s heart and from there to your desired success

A manager who is familiar with human psychology, has to gather a group of individuals and turn them into a team. Through clear communication, training, meditation and mutual respect, individuals turn into a team.

That’s a “group of people who share the same vision” and will work together to achieve your business goal.

If you want a successful team, the first thing you should think is self-management. You are the one who runs the team. That’s why you have to dole out energy, time and patience, you need to think in perspective and be as pragmatic as you can. Your team needs a leader able to face any challenges, to establish medium or long term goals and to develop strategies.

The right attitude. To be a boss doesn’t mean you’re always right or you should obey your employees for a 9 hours power exercises. If you want to form a team, people need someone open-minded for issues and initiatives, with a positive attitude. You have to tell the others, from the very first day that you can be friends, but work relations are the most important and every mistake has a running cost. So, keep it simple! If you are too permissive, your team will be disrupted and will decrease performance. But if you’re too bumpy, your employees will feel persecuted and negative results will occur sooner or later.

Know your team. For building a team that can withstand time and professional tests, try to know your people. The better you’ll know them, the more you’ll understand them and learn what motivates them, what are their needs, their expectations about the job. Each day you invest in your team, it is a gained day for everyone: for your team, for yourself as a boss, but, the most important, for the business you run.

Educate your team. Learn them to always use positive language, to stay focused on benefits, to build and develop permanent cooperation relations between members. Plus, if they don’t understand the tasks, learn them to ask other team members for their opinion and help.

Share vision and goals. Your team needs to know your future plans. These should be discussed, explained, so that each team member have an idea of ​​their role in your business success. Visions and goals have to be reinforced during weekly or monthly meetings.

Appreciate their efforts. When unexpected, difficult situations are arising or the one’s that require quick decisions and your team are facing it right, praise them, compliment them and thank them for their efforts in achieving goals. In addition, positive feedback increases their self-esteem, empowers and motivates them.

Business and team success stands along interaction and well knowledge of each member. Make sure your team has understood your expectations. Even if the relation between you and your employees is an informal one, remember that you are the only responsible for your team results!

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