• I started working with Mihaela since April 2013 and, together, we passed through launching one of my clinics, where we have commented politicians smiles for three TV channels and magazines. Now, in terms of media presence, my dream came true thanks to the collaboration with Moise Guran.

    Mihaela is characterized by spontaneity, creativity and and her excellent conections. Just by telling her about a new facility for patients, she turns it into news broadcasted across media. So my message related to dental health and prevention reaches a huge number of potential costumers.

    Dr. Ionuț Leahu
    Dr. Ionuț Leahu Owner & Dentist
  • Personally, I find Mihaela very dear. From a professional perspective, she is extremely prompt and what she says, turns into practice. She can raise together many important people, including at events. When you have a project, you shouldn't worry because, with her help, all goes really well. So it was at the event held at Dutch ambassador’s private  residence in April 2014, when i have launched my hand-painted mirrors collection named "Flow" and, also, started a campaign to raise money for children with autism.

    Then, at Mihaela’s invitation came both media and celebrities who got involved in the campaign for helping children with autism. I think Specialist in comunicare’s brand fits perfectly.

    Iulia Iuga-Dohmen
    Iulia Iuga-Dohmen Interior designer, Inspired Design
  • I needed to draw attention about my participation at the marathon in Antarctica and the humanitarian cause i run for. And then I met Mihaela.

    I started working with her the very next day, and her professionalism and experience constantly reminds me that I’m on the right way. Her team was always by my side and I am sure that together we will attract even more people that will make donations for Hospice Association to support even more terminally ill cancer patients. Together we will demonstrate that anything is possible, as long as you want it hard.

    Adriana Istrate
    Adriana Istrate First romanian woman who won an ultramarathon in Antarctica
  • Mihaela is a true profesional, we enjoyed working with her and her team. It was a useful and practical experience to promoting our clinic’s services and team of doctors. Mihaela motivated us with her optimism and passion. She was always close to us and our needs.

    Dr. Angela Jora
    Dr. Angela Jora Specialized in non–surgical cosmetic-dermatology procedures / Restylane Beauty Clinique
  • Mihaela is a very effective PR Executive. She has great networking abilities. Result oriented person, excellent problem solver, team player, always willing to help.

    Călin Cavaleru
    Călin Cavaleru Consultant, Author, Speaker, Trainer
  • The experience of working with Mihaela can be translated into six attributes that defines both her professional work and experience she has gained over the years, through every challenge she has successfully accepted and completed: positive feedback, reliability, punctuality, promptness, initiative, favorable results.

    Dr. Cristina Țîbîrnă
    Dr. Cristina Țîbîrnă Specialist in Dermato-Venerology / Restylane Beauty Clinique
  • Mihaela has a great team that puts soul into every project and that surprises me each time with new proposals and ideas for our projects. Since we start our collaboration, we are more visible, and journalists atend at each event organized by Romanian Equestrian Federation. I couldn't have chosen a better team to communicate for us.

    Vlad Bontea
    Vlad Bontea President of the Romanian Equestrian Federation
  • Mihaela is an extraordinary person, as her entire team, with defined communication skills. The success of our collaboration is based on trust and both side professionalism. If you want to build a strong personal brand, and also to define your activity, I strongly recommend Mihaela, Ioana and Oana.

    Alexandra Nicula
    Alexandra Nicula Interior designer and owner at Art Interiors
  • Mihaela is a very dedicated and experienced communicator. We benefited from her pro bono support in promoting the results of the "Education through coaching" project developed by ROI Association ( Given her passion for education, she managed to raise the interest of various journalists in reporting about our project. I recommend Mihaela to all those who are interested in obtaining concrete results.

    Simona David-Crisbășanu
    Simona David-Crisbășanu Executive Director at Asociatia ROI
  • Mihaela has a very good intuition and understands perfectly everything I want, just before I start my idea. It can summarize and accomplish anything in an efficient and fast way. He understands the client very well and always knows what he wants. It also impressed me that she knows a lot of people who appreciate his opinions. It's great, a real partner for any business.

    Georgeta Vlad
    Georgeta Vlad Manager / Carmine
  • Regardless of the difficulty of the launched challenge, our collaboration with TUDOR Communication team has always brought us the expected results. This was due to the professionalism, promptness and involvement of a young and enthusiastic team that managed to facilitate the successful communication of key messages to achieve the desired result. Understanding the client's goals, as well as opening and flexibility in adapting the services to its needs, have earned our trust and make us strongly recommend working with the TUDOR Communication team.

    Florentina Nanu
    Florentina Nanu Managing Partner Business Development Group
  • Mihaela Tudor presented to us a professional vision in communication, focused on business objectives and stages of work, less on words, as I met before.

    Dragos Panait
    Dragos Panait Executive Director at Red Angus Steakhouse and The Beef Club
  • At the end of the day… It is all about performance! We had the pleasure to work with Tudor communication in several mutual activities among them - IRTD (Israel Romania Trade Delegation 2017) and BWFR Grand Gala 2018. Mihaela and the team, has that special touch in creating the right stories, manage the PR with grace and yes - bring the performance at the best level by engaging the Romanian media in covering our stories in real time! It is a pure pleasure to work with you Mihaela, as I can always count on your credibility, the fact the best work will be done and the results will show up in the best manner.

    Osnat Peled
    Osnat Peled BWFR - Business Women Forum Romania
  • Working with Mihaela and Carla from Tudor Communication on my charity project has been an absolute pleasure! Not only were they extremely generous in giving of their time and expertise, they treated my project with care and attention, and were friendly, easy and professional to deal with at all times. In terms of their networks, coverage and ability to generate positive news and press – I would say their effectiveness is second to none in the Romanian market. In short - Tudor Communication gets my recommendation every time – many thanks, ladies!

    Daniel Kearvell
    Daniel Kearvell Author
  • In our business, the message sent to the target audience is very important. Mihaela and her team know every time to choose the best communication strategy, so that our projects can get where we want.

    Elena Klaici
    Elena Klaici Managing Partner at Blaxy Premium Resort & Hotel
  • Tudor Communication team is not just a team of professionals, but also empathic, positive people, passionate about what they are doing. Therefore, creativity, total involvement, seriousness and exuberant spirit are essential features of the team. If you want a paved road successfully, you choose Tudor Communication.

    Luiza Eacobescu
    Luiza Eacobescu Toman Diet Romania
  • Collaboration with TUDOR Communication, besides the benefits it has brought to our business, has given us the opportunity to meet a dedicated team and 100% involved in their projects and collaborations.

    Dr. Diana Marin
    Dr. Diana Marin Pediatrician and owner of Dentiq clinic
  • In our relationships over the past two years, we had a lot of "first time" together. Our first PR agency in Romania, the first press release, the first press conference, the first speech in front of 300 people, the first interview in front of the room. I would like as many collaborations as this.

    Aurimas Kacinskas
    Aurimas Kacinskas Creditinfo Romania
  • I will try to point out a few things I liked about them: they are very well organized. They handled exemplary relationship with the press. Last but not least, it's very important to have the pleasure of working with a collaborator, and in their case we laughed together and always felt like working with some people and not with robots. Good luck!

    Horia Halmagi
    Horia Halmagi Sales Manager Valley 21
  • My collaboration with Mihaela and her team can be summed up in three words: professionalism, promptness and efficiency. Although we met shortly before the press conference on the launch of the medical project, Mihaela succeeded, with great discretion and seriousness, in organizing in record time an absolutely special event, attended by an impressive number of journalists and televisions.

    Laura Constantinescu
    Laura Constantinescu Counseling program for pupils and students and practice in intensive care / Project manager POSDRU
  • Tudor Communication was by our side in some key moments of our evolution as a brand and we are glad to acknowledge the fact that we can always count on their professionalism and their spontaneity for building memories in the history of Pegas.

    Andrei Botescu
    Andrei Botescu Founder Atelierele Pegas
  • We would like to note such advantages of TUDOR COMMUNICATION’s team as individual approach to client’s request, ability to find solutions in unconventional situations, promptness of tasks completion and last but not least, creativity and high level of professionalism at work. During year 2018, we have always received on-time adequate suggestions for our advertising campaign and the implementation of the approved plans allowed us to achieve excellent results in a very short period of time on the Romanian market.

    Lyubomir Gerasimov
    Lyubomir Gerasimov CEO Daisy Tech JSC
  • Pure-hearted people, full of passion and extremely well-prepared. I wouldn't have wanted another team for our project.

    Mihai Rizan
    Mihai Rizan Owner
  • The partnership with Tudor Communication has clearly contributed to us reaching the communication goals that we set at the beginning. The results had already shown from the first month because their way of working is proactive and focused on the value added for the potential public. Our account manager, Nicoleta, is extremely efficient from the perspective of the time allocated to content development. I truly appreciate the way that the whole team finds communication solutions on different topics, according to our needs. I confidently recommend Tudor Communication services.

    Bianca Ioan
    Bianca Ioan Marketing&Sales Director ASEBUSS
  • I have turned to Tudor Communication in a crisis situation. I thank them for the promptitude they have responded to our request with, and for the professionalism they have approached, handled and finalized the project with. It has been proved to me once again that Tudor Communication is the right choice, in both crisis and normal situations. Such a wonderful team!

    Adriana Negulescu
    Adriana Negulescu Marketing Manager at Provita medical centers
  • They listen to you, give you explanations and then do pure magic. Thank you, dear girls, for every step we are taking together! You know how to communicate and where to do it.

    Ana Raluca Chișu
    Ana Raluca Chișu Kinetobebe
  • Professionalism in a team that makes you feel part of a family.

    Dr. Violeta Alecu
    Dr. Violeta Alecu Viodent clinics
  • A team of wonderful people, they are very helpful to every entrepreneur that wants to encrease his visibility. I highly recommend the Tudor Communication team.

    Cristian Nicola
    Cristian Nicola Invest Point
  • I highly recommend the Tudor Communication team for professional services, proactivity and client care!

    Alexandra Lucescu
    Alexandra Lucescu Operations Director Softone România

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