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Did you know that employers use also social media when it comes to finding the right candidate? Or that they search for your Facebook profile before you get to interview? Oh, well, they do. Because we live a revolution, a social media revolution, which you can compare to other historical moments, but a lot more faster than all of them. For this show, Facebook has front seat tickets.

It is a giant within over 600 million active users each month. I do not know if any other century in the field of public relations and personal branding have felt better in Europe (70% of active users are not from USA).

So, from the moment you create a profile on this Big Brother network, you voluntarily open your door and tell the whole world some things about you. And even if this social network works also in other purposes, you should keep in mind that it can contribute to your professional life improvement. So, an active account, used intelligently and creatively, can turn out to be a strategic ally in achieving your goals.

Facebook, an online CV. Therefore, when you want to invest in your image, it’s time that your profile on social network become an online version of your CV: you can offer details about your education, age, previous jobs and experience, details to be seen by the whole world. A CV must be presented in a relaxed tone, colloquial, conversational because you are on the land of interpersonal communication. Also you can virtually sketch your personality depending on events you participate or books you read. In other words, be open and warm. Use several smart photos with yourself or the one’s you are convinced it will positively atract  attention. These are the gold rules of internet socialization.

Before you start fill in the fields, you have to establish what you want, what you’re after, for who your posts are, expectations from your readers, what’s your career dream, who are you in this moment, who you want to become. In other words, it’s good to set your goals and strategy. Yeah, it’s not a joke. Take very seriously this „tool” and you’ll have so many things to win.

From the moment you’ve launched your page, you’re a brand there. And the strategy is: quality content. Everything you post can be used for you or against you.  Why? Because the average for each user is 130 friends (we recomend as many as you can). Everytime a user comments on other user’s post, this interaction it can be spread with another 130 friends. And so on, the news about who you are spreads at internet speed. From here to success, to employers visiting your profile, there’s only one click.

The profile picture tells more about you. That’s the reason why, in the first place, you must choose a recent photo, so you can be easily recognized by others. It’s not suitable to surprise people you’ll meet, especially if you’ve been hunted by an employer. A person who posts  too much retouched photo or a fake one, creates the impression of a cheater. Still in the disbelief section are photos that highlight clothing brands, cars and various accessories that  desperately seeks for attention.

And last but not least, your Facebook page requires time and attention everyday. The more careful you are, the more results to be enjoyed. Otherwise, your page will die.

If your profile has brought you in front of the employer, congratulations!

Nowadays it is important for the employers to know that those who are receiving a job, can manage the online environment as well. All you have to do is to complete your profile and you’ll have a job sooner than you think.

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